Police hunt 4 men attacking people with samurai sword PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 20 October 2010 14:45

Police are hot on the trail of four men aboard a Toyota Pajero who are attacking innocent people with samurai sword.

At least two bizarre attacks took place Sunday injuring two men in Canelar and at Buenavista St.

The victims were identified as Erald Lim y Gonzales, 25, married, of Sangali and Khalid Muamil Halil of Baliwasan.

Erald sustained hack wounds in the left wrist and right palm and was taken to the hospital.

A police report disclosed that Lim together with his brother, Ryan and cousins, Armando Gonzales and Elmer Leonardo, all residents of Sangali, were passing along Jaldon St. in Canelar aboard two motorcycles around 5:30 a.m. when the samurai attack took place.

Police said that Erald stopped to pick the lens of the stop light of Ryan’s motorcycle that accidentally fell on the road, when a Pajero with four men aboard suddenly stopped and one of them armed with a samurai alighted and attacked him without any word.

The attackers left the place after Erald was hit on the wrist and palm.

Two hours earlier, Halil was also attacked by one of the four men aboard the Pajero outside the Catribo entertainment court at Buenavista St.

Police said that Halil together with his younger brother Zyar just came out of Catribo around 4:45 a.m. when a man armed with a samurai together with three companions appeared and engaged in a heated argument with them. Zyar tried to pacify but the attackers turned their ire on him.

When the man who was holding the samurai made a move to stab Zyar, Khalid blocked the attack causing the tip of the sword to hit his hand.

The attackers then left the place aboard the Pajero.

By Dan Toribio, Jr.