Rep.Fabian lauds cop awardees, calls for improved peace, order PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 26 February 2013 14:12

Job well done and carry on, much more need to be done.

This was the gist of the keynote message delivered by City District 2 Rep. Erbie A. Fabian during last Sunday evening’s 8th Awards Ceremony of the Search for the 10 Most Outstanding Policemen of Zamboanga City for the year 2012 at the Grand Astoria Hotel’s Lotus B restaurant.

The awards ceremony also cited 10 Traffic Enforcers for doing an excellent job of managing traffic flow in the city.

Cong. Fabian paid tribute to the awardees and extended the gratitude of a thankful citizenry of the city for the police efforts at keeping the peace and putting order in Zamboanga at a time when the city is again under renewed threat from criminal elements to sow terror among the people.

The solon said the city is faced with the constant threat of criminal elements who have of late intensified the conduct of their nefarious activities victimizing helpless citizens here challenging the police and city officials as well to do much more in combatting criminality and restore order in the streets.

“We are grateful we have among us tonight ten outstanding officers, who if not because of their work, the situation here could have been far more difficult as they already are the, “ Fabian said.

He cited the critical importance of restoring peace and order in the city as much depend on stability for progress and development to prosper in Zamboanga.

Fabian though admitted the job of maintaining peace and order is not the police sole responsibility even as he rallied support anew from all sectors to support in the drive against criminality in Zamboanga City.

He called on everyone to be in front of, behind and beside the entire police force in restoring peace and order in the city.

“That is why I’am prioritizing the issue of peace and order and is on top of our 10-point agenda which I and my group are pushing to highlight its critical nature in our quest to move the city forward to development and prosperity. I have maintained in my long service to the public as an elected official that I have always supported the cause of the police here in the city since my early years in the city council up to now as I wind down my nine years in congress,” Fabian said. “Rest assured, if given the opportunity the police will get all the support it will need in the future in keeping the city safe for all of us.”

The solon also acknowledged the effort of Police Watch Zamboanga, which he partnered along with other kind benefactors for giving due credit to the individual exemplary work put in by outstanding police officers of the force here through all these years.

“We are most grateful to you as you help in the course of your daily jobs to keep us all safe and sound in our city. We look to the day in the near future where we can say without any hesitation Zamboanga City is safe and secure, once more,” he added.