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Thursday, 28 February 2013 14:44

In a gathering of more than 500 prticipants, UNA vice mayoral aspirant Mercy Arquiza appealed for support for partylist KAKUSA which advocates for the welfare of not just the inmates but more so their families who have been left headless and without bread winners.

In a pulong pulong organized by barangay leaders, Mercy Arquiza explained what KAKUSA is all about.

“Kakusa”, she said “ means Kapatiran Ng Mga Nakulong Na Walang Sala. It is a fraternity of those jailed without sin.”

She went on to ask: “Who these innocent people are?,” “Are these the jailbirds? Are these penal managers?”

“No, the inmates are criminals. The prison managers, directors,guards, etc. are not inmates!” she asked and declared.

Continuing, she emphatically stressed “The real people incarcerated without committing a crime are the wives and children, the familiess of the inmates! Sila ang mga nakulong na walang sala. Yes, they are the very ones that are imprisoned in the bondage of poverty, in the fangs of hunger and a myriad of life’s difficulties.Opo, sila talaga ang mga nakulong na walang kasal-anan.”

She recounted the experience of its founder,former congressman Nonong Jalosjos, who saw with his own eyes how the families of prisoners would come to the penetenciary not just to visit but to partake of their imprisoned fathers measly food and meals.

According to her, it was during those times that a tear or two would trickle down his face tha Cong. Nonong vowed to something for these innocent victims.Thus Kakusa was born.

Today partylist Kakusa has one congressman. It is in the ballot for the 2013 elections and aims to capture one or two more seats in congress. The paty’s objective is to legislate reforms in the penal system, laws that can provide livelihood opportunities for their wives and children.

Mercy reiterated her appeal. “Now that you know what Kakusa is, what is cause nis, I ask you to give Kakusa not one buy two more representatives in Congress! Will you?” The answer was an animated yes and thungerous applause.