Big Lamitan clan backs Hegem mayoralty bid PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 28 February 2013 14:48

More than 500 families of the Visayan-speaking Dinglasa clan have thrown their solid support to the youthful and leading mayoralty candidate, Hegem Furigay, during their clan’s reunion last Sunday, February 24 at  Balobo Elementary School, Barangay Balobo, Lamitan City.

The reunion organizers headed by Mrs. Daisy Andaya, Flor Guido, Juliet Almonte and Fely Bayawa said they invited Councilor Hegem Furigay to be their guest of honor because they wanted to hear from him his platform of government if the clan decides to support  a mayoralty candidate in this May elections.

They said the clan wanted to support an alternative candidate who can  be true to his words in delivering the services that the public deserved.

“We are tired to to see mediocre performances of the past and present administrations that even  the road condition in the upper barangays could not be graded except during fiestas, all for a show and Zarzuella. For  50 years now the road condition remains the same, no better than moon craters, especially during rainy season, they said in unison.

The organizers claimed that all promises remain promises up to this day because barangay roads have not even been asphalted to allow land transportation to penetrate the barangays.

Some guests claimed that their agricultural products could hardly be transported to the market because there are no public transportation vehicles that would make trips to their areas due to the deplorable road condition.

They also decried the high number of out -of-school youths (OSYs) in the barangays and the whole of Lamitan  because the students could not attend secondary and tertiary classes due to the absence of transportation vehicles.

“Not even the single motorbikes used as habal-habal could sustain their operation because of the worst road condition in the remote barangays,” they said. “ In fact we wanted to believe that officials in our local government in Lamitan intentionally do this so that we will remain poor and uneducated so thay they could conveniently exploit our ignorance and inadequacy during election period by offering us money in exchange for votes. “Enough is enough”, Tama Na Sobra Na, the participants cried.

For his part, Hegem Furigay said that should he be blessed to occupy the new City Hall after the May 13 elections, he would focus on the clamor of the Lamitenos to drastically institute changes in governance and the true delivery of basic health, social and developmental services that the Lamitenos deserve.

He vowed before them that he will never run the local government to further enrich himself because right now he is already more than comfortable with what his parents have prepared for him and his immediate family.

“You are not here for me but rather I am here for you,” the young Furigay said. adding that he is ready to make all the needed sacrifices to restore the dignity of public service. He assured that his parents has deeply inculcated in him the he should not make City Hall his “milking cow” when he is the mayor.

Itaga natin yan sa bato,” Furigay concluded.