Vice governor bet Sakur Tan faces disqualification case PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 28 February 2013 14:51

A vice gubernatorial candidate of Sulu has filed a petition with the Commission on Elections (Comelec) central office in Manila seeking to disqualify Sulu Governor Abdusakur Tan from running as vice governor of Sulu in the coming May elections.

In a petition, Muamar S Tulawi  a candidate for  the vice gubernatorial post in Sulu province asked Comelec to  disqualify Gov. Tan from running for the position of vice governor in the May 13, polls.

Citing  that Governor Tan filed his certificate of candidacy on December 21, 2012  which  was already “out of time” and he cannot  be considered as a valid substitute  for Erwin Que Tan  who withdrew his CoC for the same position on December 10, 2012.

Tulawi assisted by  lawyers Romulo Macalintal and Antonio Carlos Bautista said that under Section 5 of Comelec Resolution No. 95518, the period for the filing of CoC for the May 13 polls  was fixed from October 1, 2012 to October 5, 2012 only.

Clearly the CoC of Governor Tan  filed for the position for vice governor  of Sulu in the coming polls was out of time,  he said.
Hence  Governor Tan is disqualified from  seeking the  vice gubernatorial post, he added.

Tulawi in his petition also said that record at the Comelec’s law department showed that as of October 10 only Erwin Que Tan and  his name appeared as candidate for the vice gubernatorial seat for Sulu.

Surprisingly, he said, that in an undated certified  “list of candidates for  Sulu  province” released by the commission,  the name of Gov Tan already appeared and the  name of Erwin Tan has been deleted without any reason or explanation.

Tulawi stated in his petition that a further verification revealed that a statement of withdrawal subscribed and sworn to by  candidate Erwin Tan on December 10 was received by the  office of the  Provincial Election Supervisor of Sulu.

“There is nothing to show that the said statement of withdrawal was personally filed by candidate Erwin Tan nor any record to show that the PES of Sulu had notified the Comelec  Law Department of  such withdrawal as required under section 14 of Comelec resolution 9518. Hence, the  same cannot even considered  as a  valid withdrawal by candidate Erwin Tan,” Tulawi said.

Tulawi’s petitioned the Comelec to  exclude the name of Gov Tan in the certified list of candidates for the position of vice governor of Sulu. He alsourged the  commission to exclude the name of Gov Tan in the official ballots to be prepared  by  the Comelec for the automated  elections in May.
Moreover, he said that if by the time his petition is resolved and  Governor Tan’s name has already been included in the official ballots and his votes will still be counted by the automated machines, Comelec should direct all the municipal board of canvassers and the provincial board of canvassers of Sulu to consider the votes cast for Gov Tan  invalid. — KS