Cesar C. Climaco, an inspiration to all — Fabian PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 01 March 2013 11:25

Former Mayor Cesar C. Climaco, a political icon in this part of the country, will continue on to serve as inspiration for the people of Zamboanga City into the future.

This was the gist of a message delivered by District 2 Rep. Erbie A. Fabian who was personally invited by the former mayor’s son and congressional aspirant Dr. Junie Climaco in simple rites yesterday morning marking the 97th birth anniversary of the legendary mayor held at Patio Palmeras.

Mayor Cesar C. Climaco has fought hard all his life for freedom and the restoration of democracy and sought to better the life of his fellow Zamboangueños during his stint at City Hall, Fabian said.

He eventually paid the ultimate sacrifice by giving up his life for the ideals and the principles he believed in for his people, marking his martyrdom and enshrining him forever in the annals of history as the heroes of the people in their quest for freedom , democracy and a better life alongside such icons as Ninoy Aquino and many others.

“Zamboangueños mourned his loss, but now as we commemorate his birth anniversary, we are humbled at the same time grateful that we had Cesar C. Climaco for a time here in Zamboanga City and his memory and legacy will stay with us, forever,” Fabian said in his message.

“Mayor Climaco was mayor for all, he was well loved by the masses, and his appeal and charisma transcended gender and age as his adoring constituents then ranged from elder statesmen to young kids who tagged along with him mostly for the candies he used to toss to them while driving about town in his rusty motorbike.

Mayor Cesar was incomparable, he was a man all to himself and the people related to him well. Truly he is an inspiration to all worth emulating now and in the years to come, Mayor Cesar C. Climaco, thank you for everything you have done for us, “ Fabian added.

The simple gathering was also attended by close friends and some political figures who were invited by the family for the occasion.