Monsi touching base with ‘masa’ in District 1 PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 03 March 2013 14:26

Servant leader Monsi dela Cruz continues to touch base with the “masa” in District 1 as he sympathizes with them and consulting them on their daily woes.

The congressional aspirant under the banner of United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) has declared he has no personal vested interests, except that of making difference in the lives of people.

“I shall continue to walk the talk,” Monsi said.

Everyday, Monsi has 5 to 6 invitations and people are enthusiastic and excited about the change he wanted for the city, especially in District 1.

“I can feel deep inside the warmth and excitement of our people,” he said.

According to him, the foundations of a new beginning and aura of hope and change have been implanted into the hearts of many.

“People are excited of the things to come,” Monsi said.

He admitted that he is an underdog which is itself a compliment to him, and it teaches him to be humble with his two feet solidly on the ground, willing to learn, listen and act.

Besides, he stressed he has great trust on the wisdom of the people when the moment of reckoning comes for them to pass their judgement call.

Monsi said he does not have the resources nor power or connections, except the will and strong heart to give the people’s choice.

He continued while his detractors say government has saved billions in the bank, sad to say, “many are hungry, poor and jobless! People are thirsting for reach change!”

“Look at how dirty and disorganized our Latin City looks like. There is an absence of discipline in our streets. People yearning for real peace, progress and attention to their basic needs,” said Monsi. — HG