Mercy’s delightful discovery in Canelar: Long lost relatives PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 04 March 2013 11:03

UNA vice mayoral aspirant Mercy Arquiza, a leading convenor of the Zamboangueños for the Transformation of Zamboanga (ZTZ), visited Barangay Canelar yesterday as part of a continuing look-see of communities within the 7-kilometer radius.

In an informal meeting or “pulong pulong” in the said barangay organized by Laniegirl de la Cruz and other barangay leaders, Arquiza tried to find out and learn what makes the community thrive, their woes and needs.

“What a delight it was to see approaching women and children turned out to be aunties, cousins , nephews and nieces — all emanating from the large Esperat clan!” Arquiza said.

“As you know my paternal grandmother was Teresa Zapanta Esperat,” revealed the cariñosa, sincera and mafuerza Mercy Arquiza, woman leader par excellence.

To her countless relatives, friends, and otherwise residents of Barangay Canelar, she gave sincere thanks for coming forward to express the community problems and needs.

Arquiza vowed to hold dialogues every now and then to plot out ways and means of alleviating their hardships.

She is in or out of government. She will see how her friends and connection in the present dispensation, local or national, can be persuaded to address barangay Canelar’s needs such as traffic alleviation from their main streets i.e. Canelar and Camins to name a few.

Learn your rights under the Family Code and The Magna Carta Of Women,” Arquiza intoned.

The presence of her relatives and friends egged the UNA vice mayoral candidate to discuss family values and the importance of finding links to clan members.

“I believe that a community involved ‘tronco’ can lead to first a better barangay, then next to a better city”, Mercy Arquiza ended her dialogue with such an inspiring message.