Monsi hits mayor on “CL” initials PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 04 March 2013 11:17

Mayor Celso Lobregat must stop using government resources for his personal advantage, servant leader and UNA congressional aspirant Monsi dela Cruz said over the weekend.

Monsi denounced Lobregat for the “CL” initials under the pretext of Centro Latino, or Caling Lobregat being displayed in vehicles and many government projects and infrastructures with his name and party Adelante Zamboanga.

“These are people’s money in the form of taxes and other revenues. Therefore, he is expected to observe delicadeza if ever he has anything left. He may devise may reasons but the obvious fact is clear,” Monsi said.

Whatever justification the mayor may have, according to Monsi, he is always a suspect due to his alleged continued arrogance and lust for power.

“Respect given him is due to inherent fear of subordinates and even the business community because of his vindictiveness,” Monsi claimed.

Once elected, Monsi said “you would not see me using government properties and facilities with my name in it. It must be always: The Project of the People Through Taxes Paid.”

Monsi further criticized Lobregat, saying that having gone around the 37 barangays in the 1st district, it is a shame that Lobregat prides himself to have billions in the bank, many health centers don’t have the necessary medicines for the poor people.

“Often they are simply passed around; you  can see with your eyes the proverty of our people: Jobless and hungry... it is about time that we reflect on the sad state of our city,” the servant leader added.

“Having spent millions at the Paseo to compete with the private sector and satisfy one’s hungry ego with dancing fountains, convention center et al, while people are jobless, hungry and dissatisfied with the delivery of our basic services, Very often, there is absence of discipline and order. It is time to move on and change!” Monsi said. — HG