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Tuesday, 05 March 2013 11:25

Bar topnatcher Vic Solis, who was the former lawyer of the Lobregat family, yesterday challenged Mayor Celso Lobregat to immediately cede to the city government two parcels of lot registered under the name of the former and found within the fenced area of La vIsta del Mar Beach Resort that is owned by the Zamboanga Peninsula Resort Development Corporation (ZPRDC) and MCLL Properties, Inc..

“I challenge the mayor (Lobregat) and members of the Lobregat family to return the properties to the government today (yesterday) and not tomorrow or next day but today,” Solis said in an interview over Tatak-RMN yesterday morning.

Solis was reacting to a letter sent by Lobregat to Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde calling the attention of Councilor Rommel Agan who first wrote City Assessor Erwin Bernardo officially requesting the Tax Declarations of La Vista del Mar Beach Resort allegedly containing properties belonging or still registered under the name of the city government such as the old national highway, a parcel of land referred to as lot 1552-A and lot 1521-A.

Agan’s request for tax declaration came after a letter dated January 8, 2013 of Atty. Abelardo Climaco Jr which was sent to the City Council and taken up during its regular session last January 16, 2013.

In his comment, Bernardo declared that 61 structures are found inside the beach resort and taxes of such were found to have been paid by the resort management.

However, on the issue of taxing La Vista del Mar for real properties on the use of the road lots on the basis of the “beneficial use theory” as raised by Councilor Agan, Bernardo commented that his office did not assess the same against the resort management considering that said government and road lots were not leased or given in concession to the corporation, thus, the beneficial use theory cannot be applied for real property tax assesment.

More than a hectare of land along the new highway in Calarian was a property formerly owned by the Lobregat family and was reportedly donated to the DPWH in exchange of the old national highway property of the government now being fenced by the present beach resort.

According to Solis, he took part in the preparation of all documents when the late mayor Maria Clara Lobregat decided to swap her property for the beneficial use of the motorists travelling the west coast.

“I don’t see anything irregular, illegal and immoral in the deed of exchange. The late mayor has the noble intention when she agreed to exchange her property with
that of the government. But I was surprised after learning that there are still other lots found inside which are registered under the name of the local government.

I’m not aware of this thing. That is why, I am challenging Mayor Celso Lobregat to just return the said property to the government,” Solis said.

In the document presented to by lawyer Abelardo Climaco Jr, it appears that the old national highway, two parcel of lands found inside the beach resort still belong to the name of the City Government of Zamboanga.

Mayor Lobregat was reportedly heard to have said in some occasions that if Councilor Agan will continue to dig in this issue with the purpose of trying to malign his reputation, integrity and honor, he (Celso Lobregat) is going to close the new national highway.

In response to Lobregat’s statement, Atty. Solis disclosed that if Mayor Lobregat is serious in his threat of closing the existing national highway, “I am going to bring him to court.”

Lobregat expressed belief that Agan’s move in questioning the real property tax of La Vista del Mar is politically motivated, adding that was the councilor is trying to insinuate that Lobregat is misusing his position as mayor to gain leverage for himself and his family.

“This is highly unfair and unjust. This only goes to show how he is apparently using this political season to try to trample not only my integrity and honor but that even of the former Congresswoman and City Mayor Maria Clara Lobregat who established the corporation,” Mayor Celso Lobregat said in his letter addressed to the Vice Mayor Iturralde.  — Jimmy Villaflores


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