Valesco bats for high school on Pasonanca PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 07 March 2013 11:21

Parents and barangay officials of Pasonanca and adjacent barrios have lauded Councilor Gerky Valesco for passing a resolution urging the local government to put up a secondary school in their community.

Seeing the practicality and relevance of the measure, the august body, jointly and severally, supported and approved the edict.

Valesco stressed the need to put up the high school building because Pasonanca is considered to be one of the fastest growing barangays in the city which has at least four existing elementary schools.

He said the resolution was addressed to the Local School Board for them to conduct a feasibility study as to the convenient site where to set up the institution of learning to cater to the growing number of students not only in Pasonanca but other adjacent communities as well like Tumaga, Sta. Maria, Cabatangan, San Roque,Sitio Abong Abong, Murok and Luyahan.

“I am suggesting that the existing Convention Center is fittingly one of the suitable locations where to put high school. I hope TIEZA will donate the property to the city government just like what we did with Santa Cruz island when the same government agency turned over the island to the city through a resolution that I authored,” Valesco emphasized.

According to Valesco, the following schools that fall under the Santa Maria District are Bandera Elementary School (with 105 students), Cabatangan ( 804 students), Catalina Vda de Jalon Tumaga (3,926 students), Dulian Upper Pasonanca  (152 students), EAAB ( 554 students), Salom ( 180 students), San Roque ( 3,111 students), Santa Maria Central School ( 3,841 students), Luyahan (with 992 students), Muruk (66 students), Pasonanca (with 1,853 students), and Upper Pasonanca (with 654 students).

“If the high school in Pasonanca shall have been realized, we will be able to help the economic situation of the parents since their children will not have to travel to the city proper or to Governor Ramos area because they will have a secondary school right at their very doorsteps,” Valesco said.

The alderman pointed out education is one of the most important preparations for the young because it would help spell a promising future for the children.

“We need to give the children the opportunity to study to make them more self-reliant and to equip them for future development,” Valesco added.  — KS