Studes, teachers back conversion to university of Cotabato City school PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 07 March 2013 11:27

Students and faculty members of the Cotabato City Polytechnic College (CCSPC) are looking forward anxiously to the signing into law by President Benigno Aquino III of a congressional proposal to convert of their school into a state university.

Congress approved on third and final reading last month House Bill 5914, seeking the conversion of CCSPC into Cotabato State University.

Hundreds of CCSPC students and their teachers unanimously pledge, during a big gathering at their campus gymnasium on Monday in Cotabato City, to cooperate in complying with a “condition” in HB 5914 enjoining the school management to put up community extension projects and requiring faculty members to acquire masteral and doctorate degrees in keeping with standards set by the Commission on Higher Education.

The gathering, meant to update students on the status now of HB 5914, was jointly presided over the author of the bill, Maguindanao First District Rep. Sandra Sema, and Dammang Bantala, the president of CCSPC.

Leaders of different student organizations assured Sema and Bantala they will support extensively the compliance of their school with CHED’s requirements.

Sema said the CCSPC will be given until early 2016 to comply with all the requirements for the conditional conversion of the school into a state university.

Teachers of the CCSPC also expressed appreciation of Sema’s efforts in upgrading the school into a state university. Only Congress can establish, or convert existing schools into state universities.

“We need this state university in Cotabato City to enable children of poor Muslim and Christian parents to have easy, affordable access to quality education,” Bantala said.

Sema said the conditional conversion of the school into a state university can be a good chance to show how Muslim and non-Muslim teachers and students are to help each other put up extension works that would benefit communities in its surroundings.

“We have to cooperate with one another. We have to show to the House of Representatives and President Aquino that we can do it,” Sema told students and teachers during the forum.
Sema said one community project the CCSPC can initiate, while it is to undergo the conversion process, is how to improve the thriving inland fishery industries in Cotabato City’s   southwestern coast..
Teachers also suggested special projects meant to bolster the Mindanao peace process and propagate Muslim-Christian solidarity in the city and surrounding towns in the first district of Maguindanao.
Students and teachers who  participated in Monday’s forum on HB 5914 gave Sema and Bantala a standing ovation when they were asked to show their appreciation of the approval by Congress of HB 5914 and their commitment to help one another comply with all the requirements set by CHED.
“All of us also look forward to President Aquino’s signing into law of this bill,” Dammang said.