Mercy laments no water in barangays within city proper PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 07 March 2013 11:31

In a recent conversation with the Women’s Group of Arena Blanco, UNA vice mayoralty aspirant Mery Arquiza was shocked to learn that a barangay which is within the 7-kilometer radius such as Arena Blanco still remains unreached by the seemingly short arm and slow pace of the water service.

At the same time, the women who came to the informal chat or pulong-pulong also pointed out to her Arena Blanco’s very urgent need of housing for its indigent

“It is unbelievable that the absence of water service persists in Arena Blanco which is only a few kilometers from downtown Zamboanga!” the amiable Arquiza exclaimed.

Someday if ever I become a part of government I will see to it that water will get to you. I shall call upon those government agencies and instrumentalities to focus on these two vital concerns.

As of the moment, while outside government, I urge both the legislative and the executive branches to go out of their way to bring water and housing to Arena Blanco,” the sincera’ cariñosa Arquiza continued.

The crowd was observed to have muttered “mafuerza!”.

Arquiza’s very good friend, Ustadz Ishak Azarie, helped her emphatize with, and carry her message of concern and support to, the women leaders of this predominantly muslim barangay.

She prays that many, if not all, of the leaders of the Zamboangueños for the transformation of Zamboanga will be given a chance to be part of good governance.

She appealed to the women, children, and families to help her make her aspirations come true. “That way, I shall be able to help Arena Blanco find more specific ways of alleviating its problems of water, housing and poverty,” Mercy bade the residents farewell with that sincere and caring promise.