Fabian rallies support in fight on violence against women PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 09 March 2013 10:45

The fight on violence against women deserves the support of everyone as the United Nations has made a universal declaration rallying support in the face of escalating incidents involving violence against women, and we all must join in this crusade, declared 2nd District Rep. Erbie A. Fabian in a keynote address yesterday highlighting this year’s staging of the Marcha de lasMujeres at the Mayor Joaquin Enriquez Memorial grandstand.

Marcha de las Mujeres is an annual undertaking of the Gender and Development (GAD) in coordination with the local Council of Women under the auspices of the city government.

Cong. Fabian, who referred to women as God’s treasured gift to mankind, added the womenfolk of today play a vital role in society as more women are becoming empowered and joining mainstream activities, even in male domains of society.

The success of mankind is largely due to the support of the womenfolk in the family and equal credit must now be given to their efforts.

Fabian  lauded the annual affair which focus on the womenfolk , raising timely concerns such as violence against women, health and maternal care for mothers, education, livelihood and other areas of concern including civil and political rights of the female gender.

“Women in the Philippine society are treated with utmost respect and their influence is far reaching albeit done without much fanfare but equally important. The women of today are multi-faceted, they are now into their careers, they manage the family household as well as rear up children while taking care of their husbands to boot. The woman of today is a wonder unto itself and it is but fitting that we fete them today,” Fabian stressed.

He took time to pay tribute to the women leaders of the city principally Councilor Lilia M. Nuno who is among the leaders of the GAD here and other civic leaders among who are Dra. Milagros Fernandez, former Assistant Secretary at the Department of Health and others in the movement.

The event was attended by the city’s top officialdom to include City Mayor CelsoLobregat, Cong. BengClimaco-Salazar and members of the city council and heads of offices.

Yesterday’s affair was highlighted by a parade of the womenfolk from the different offices and organizations here culminating in the program with keynote speech principal guest of honor,  Women Rights advocate and health guru, Ms. Cory Quirino, the granddaughter of former Pres. Elpidio Quirino.