Monsi hits officials for not taking decisive actions on power crisis PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 11 March 2013 11:19

Servant-leader Monsi dela Cruz yesterday assailed local officials for taking no decisive moves to solve the power crisis in Zamboanga City.

Monsi said the power crisis is wreaking havoc on both the business sector and the ordinary people, and yet there is no clear solution put forward by local officials.

“The power crisis in Zamboanga City is getting worst, affecting the business sector and ordinary people,” posted Monsi in his Facebook account. “Our mayor should have the balls to adopt emergency measures, even if it would mean the use of the well publicized billions of pesos deposited in the bank if only to help our people and our city.

The servant-leader urged city officials to learn to “walk the talk, bond together and muster the needed courage to resolve our power crisis. but this entails great political will.”

He said the people and the business community need SOS from the city government, to which we have been faithfully paying our taxes.

The power outages have brought losses to business establishments and have caused severe inconveniences to many residents, especially the sick who have to bear with the summer heat and humid weather.

There were cases of sick people being rushed to hospital due to asthma attacks or mild strokes.

It has created road chaos, particularly in intersections where the traffic lights do not work in times of blackouts.