Jomar calls for clean campaign PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 12 March 2013 11:28

District 2 congressional aspirant and Adelante Zamboanga Party (AZAP) President Jomar Lobregat, yesterday called on all local candidates running for different positions in the May 13 elections, to sanitize their campaign, without resorting to black propaganda against any other candidate, especially, their respective opponents.

Lobregat aired this call over Wild FM’s “Buenas Dias Zamboanga” radio program, after another 2nd district congressional contender, Councilor Lilia Macrohon-Nuno had complained of being a subject of black propaganda by her opponent(s), which she refused to name.

Nuno said some of her supporters have continuously reporting to her, that supporters of certain congressional opponents have been spreading issues, that tend to destroy not only her candidacy, but also her person and her family, by means of black propaganda.

Lobregat claimed that he is also a victim of such manner of campaigning.

“Using of black propaganda during campaign  is not the way of the Lobregats since the time of Ma’am Caling (referring to her late mother, former mayor Ma Clara Lobregat),” he said.

Lobregat has denied having any hand on Nuno’s sentiments, saying, “It’s absolutely not coming from me. There are five of us running for the same position, so please, don’t look merely at me, look at other directions too”.

However, the younger brother of Mayor Celso Lobregat has justified his recent filing of disqualification case against former Zamboanga del Norte Congressman Romeo ‘Nonong’ Jalosjos, as the latter “has a conviction, and we want to preserve the sanctity of the elections according to what the law says”.

The younger Lobregat also expressed willingness to join Councilor Nuno’s call, but not only for congressional contenders in the 2nd district, but for all candidates running for different positions in the coming elections, to sign a covenant, that refrain themselves from resorting to black propaganda, mudslinging, and character assassination against their respective opponents during the coming campaign period.

“I’m hoping that all candidates will just stick to the truth, will not invent issues, and will not use black propaganda against anybody”, the businessman-turned politician said. — Philip Abuy