Mercy: Urgent solution to blackouts needed PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 12 March 2013 11:31

The leading convenor of the Zamboangueños for the Transformation of Zamboanga (ZTZ) has called attention to the chronic electricity problem in Zamboanga City as she issued an urgent appeal to Mayor Celso Lobregat for a viable solution to the power crisis.

“We appeal to the mayor and other members of the executive department to persuade Zamcelco (Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative) to do something about this,” Mercy Arquiza, also the vice mayoral aspirant of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), said in an interview.

Arquiza added “Iyong koryente, we all know that we’re waiting for the SRPI to operate but that is going to take 3 to 4 years before it can happen. So what is going to happen between now at the time the SRPI will be able to operate?”

According to her, the city of Zamboanga needs an urgent solution to its power crisis, since this has been a problem for over years, the lack of action of the city government and its officials on this issue is very shameful.

“You see, the factories can not operate full time, the households are affected, their appliances nila televisions, refrigerators nasisira because of this frequent brownouts where pagbalik ng koryente there is an upsurge of koryente,” Arquiza explained.

Citing the effect of unscheduled power outage on her, Mercy said that in her own house she has been facing a “double-trouble” everyday because the power line at her residence is the same as that of Barangay Mercedes, where the water system pump is there.

“So pag wala pong koryente wala din ang Mercedes so wala pong koryente wala pa akong tubig. Kaya double-trouble. There maybe thousands of other people suffering this way, so the present leadership and Zamcelco should do something about this,” Arquiza continued.

Arquiza proposes on how best to address the problem of current power crisis, “the best solution is to look for interim power supplies...we understand other producers in neabry provinces and cities have offered to supply and we understand that there are barges available for rent.”

“So why don’t we go for that for the meantime. That is a small thing to pay. So zamcelco should really go up this way to stop all these brownout. I think siguro naman hindi magagalit ang consumers kung stable koryente,” Arquiza said.

Arquiza also expressed worry about what might happen next in the city if blackouts persists in months and years, “Especially on the worsening peace and order in the city because ang CCTV  hindi nag- ooperate and the traffic will be affected because the traffic lights are not functioning due to the power outage this will lead to more crimes.”

Arquiza reieterated: “I appeal to the present leaders to exercise more effective governance and persuade Zamcelco to do something about this because it has a domino effect or a defect that affects everything hindi lang iyong households, factories, kondi pati iyong peace and order situation natin.” — HG