Fabian challenges Zamcelco to source out power shortfall PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 12 March 2013 11:38

District 2 Rep. Erbie A. Fabian reiterated the urgent need to look for alternative solutions as soon as possible to alleviate the crippling effects of the power crisis now hitting eight hours of rotating brownouts daily in Zamboanga City.

Fabian lauded SRPI for coming to terms with Zamcelco and agreeing to sell 85 megawatts of its total projected output from its coal fired power plant coming on stream in 2016 to the city’s electric cooperative.

As of last week, Zamboanga City has been imposed longer rotating brownouts as the main National Power Corp. grid where it gets the bulk of its power, has reportedly cut back on power generation by its hydro plants due to the onset of the ‘El Nino’ phenomenon this March.

The city hits a peak load demand of 85 megawatts while total combined power available at present ix less than 60 megawatts, registering 25 megawatts in deficit.
Zamcelco, apart from the Napocor grid gets an additional 18 megawatts it contracted earlier from independent power producer, TMI.

Still this has not been enough to forestall the mandatory imposition of rotating brownouts in the city as need far outstrips available power in the system.

In a message delivered during the formal contract signing of the Power Supply Agreement entered into by San Ramon Power Inc. and Zamcelco, Fabian said there is a need to source out the current power deficit and challenged Zamcelco officials headed by President Elbert Atilano to exhaust all means to find solutions fast as relief will reportedly happen this September yet.

SRPI will construct a 100 megawatts coal fired plant at the ZamboEcozone complex in San Ramon soon.

SRPI Vice President and Chief Executive Officer TIrsoSantillan Jr. said the plant will take 35 months to complete as they hope it becomes operational by the latter part of 2016.

Cong. Fabian added that between now and 2016 the shortfall in power supply to Zamboanga City will continue to worsen as the hydro plants of Napocor are increasingly pressed into producing enough power even as capacity to deliver diminishes due to wear and tear of its ageing plants and the city meantime will need to get its power elsewhere.

The solon also lauded SRPI for helping alleviate the situation by offering another 18 megawatts meantime from its sister company Mapalad Power Inc.

Mapalad Power and Zamcelco in the same contract signing event of SRPI signed a separate contract for the city power firm to purchase an additional 28 megawatts for the city with delivery expected this September.

It appears the way to go now is to enter into Power sales contracts with independent power producers, the 2nd District solon said and Zamcelco should now act with dispatch in securing the power shortfall to keep the city energized 24-hours a day.

He however cautioned, for every agreement the city power firm enters into the paramount consideration should always be the welfare of power consumers in the city.

Pricing should the socialized so as not to unduly burden our people while seeing to it we get the power to light each and every home in Zamboanga soonest, Fabian added.