Monsi says mayor faces nightmare amid angry residents on blackouts PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 16 March 2013 11:32

Servant-leader Monsi dela Cruz yesterday said that Mayor Celso Lobregat is facing a big nightmare amid the wrath of the people on the pestering long blackouts that have taken its toll not only on the business sector, but on ordinary households which have been experiencing severe inconveniences due to the power outages.

“The power crisis has shaken our people and the business community,” cried Monsi in his Facebook account. “People from all walks of life have been affected. Aside from the killings, crimes, garbage problem, blackouts have been the greatest nightmare of the city mayor,” said Monsi who is vying for the congressional seat in District 1.

Monsi criticized that while Mayor Lobregat prides himself of having billions of pesos in savings of the city government deposited in the bank, many people are “hungry, poor and jobless.”

He said that fountains and parks are simply “cosmetics for people’s eye” and what the community needs is a real road map for progress and the well being of “our dear people and our city.”

Monsi said he  would not be surprised if the visiting Manila dignitaries convened for the (power) summit would attempt to give the mayor a break from one of his major headaches, “maybe with a promise of lesser blackouts to spare the mayor from the anger and wrath of the people of zamboanga.”

He continued: “The winds of change have started to be felt. People are hoping for a fresh mandate of leaders who could walk the talk. Public servants with the heart of the common men and women are needed to bring about real progress and development.”

Monsi recalled that a year ago instead of helping Zamcelco, the mayor demanded that Zamcelco pay millions of pesos in taxes in spite of their financial difficulties.
He said Zamcelco had to borrow money at Security Bank to come up with the demand of the mayor.

“This is the kind of mayor we have, he tries to play as hero at the expense of others,” Monsi attacked. — DH