‘If Zamboangueños want me to run, why not?’ — Jalosjos PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 24 January 2011 14:20

Former congressman Romeo Jalosjos on Friday disclosed that he believes there is no legal impediment if he runs for any political position in Zamboanga City in the 2013 elections.

In an interview at his famous Dakak Resort in Dapitan, Jalosjos emphasized he is more Zamboangueño than some people here who are claiming to be.

“Our roots are in Zamboanga City. We still have our ancestral home there. My father Dominador who was a nurse died there and is buried in one of the cemeteries there in Zamboanga City, and my mother who is still very much alive lives there in our ancestral home,” Jalosjos said.

Jalosjos said if the Zamboangueños will ask and clamor for him to come to Zamboanga City, then “why not?”

He said he is proud to be a Zamboangueño. “El Chavacano hinde gayot iyo ay puede ulvida cay bien unique gayot ese language na entero mundo.”

According to Jalosjos, his father, who was a nurse at the then General Hospital, now known as the Zamboanga City Medical Center, met his mother Angelina Larracochea who is from Busay, in Basilan. When they got married, he said “I am one of the products of their matrimony.”

Jalosjos in a casual conversation with this reporter said, if Congressman Erbie Fabian and Congresswoman Isabelle Climaco will clash for the mayoralty race in 2013 “it is opening a big opportunity for me to run for mayor.”

Finally, Jalosjos said if he has P2.7 billion in his disposition, Zamboanga City will surely bloom and progress. “With that money, I can even close my eyes and the city will surely bloom.” — NS