Sampang backs Zamcelco’s buying more power supply PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 22 March 2013 11:22

A respected Muslim leader yesterday gladly welcomed Zamcelco’s move in buying more power supply from independent power producers (IPPs) to solve the month-old blackout problem, that pesters practically all sectors in Zamboanga City.

Campo Islam Barangay Chairman Ahmad Narzad ‘Dats’ Sampang also hailed the coop officials, led by its president Elbert ‘Bong’ Atilano Sr., for being able to weather the entire power crisis without surrendering, and instead, finally found the real solution to the blackout mess.

“I know how Bong, his colleagues at Zamcelco, including city officials were subjected to public persecution due to these brown-outs, but I’m glad they stood the ground and continued to find ways to solve this problem until they finally found it,” Sampang said.

Sampang, who said he is always on alert watching his barangay during the nightly blackouts, said his area has been consistently experiencing 7 to 8 hour blackouts daily, like 2 hours in the morning, 3 in the afternoon, and 2 to 3 hours in the evening.

Campo Islam is home to canning and  cooking oil factories, including a gasoline depot.

“Since this brownout started months ago, I’d always make it a point to stay in the barangay hall until 10 to 11pm, and I only go home when lights are already back,” Sampang narrated.

Sampang, who is running for councilor for the 1st district under the Liberal Party coalition of Congresswoman Ma Isabelle ‘Beng’ Climaco-Salazar, expressed sadness over how the blackout mess has affected certain personalities in the city, in terms of negative insinuations and persecutions.

“It is very saddening, that instead of blaming and finger-pointing, we, as Zamboanguenios, should be working together to find better solution to problems like this one”, the barangay chief added. — Philip Abuy