Sahidulla seeks revision of voters list in 2 Sulu towns PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 22 March 2013 11:27

BANGUINGUI, Sulu – Mayor  Abdulwahid Sahidulla is contemplating of filing a motion  for “reconsideration and revision” of voters list before  the Commission on Elections (Comelec) Manila after noting that a significant “improbabilities variation” in the  number of new voters were listed for two towns in Sulu province  last July.

Sahidulla said that out of the 19 municipalities that comprise Sulu, the towns of Luuk and Maimbung have recorded  improbabilities variation in their respective voters list.

Sahidulla cited the town of  Maimbung which has registered voters of  12,884 prior to the registration  in July, but now has tremendously increased to  16,702 and voting precincts from 113 to 226.

In Barangay Kulasi, Maimbung, he said,  the population is about 4,270 based on the 2010 census. however  out of the  4,270  people in Kulasi, only 429 has listed as voters.

In   Luuk, he said,  there were  only 8,477 voters before the new listing, but now it has increased to  11,236 voters listed with 99 precincts from the previous 98 precincts.

Sahidulla said the figure of new voters  and the number of precincts is  “improbable” and “Comelec should check it and make the necessary adjustment  when needed.”

“I don’t accuse anybody  for the  significant  improbabilities variation I noted, but as a candidate for  governor of Sulu, I think we  must follow the  motto of President Benigno Aquino, lll - ‘Matuwid na daan’,” Sahidulla told newsmen during a conference.

The  chief executive here said he will petition Comelec in Manila to check his observation and if possible make the necessary correction and adjustment in the  number of voters and precincts.

He is also bent  in asking Comelec Chair Sixto Brillantes to punish all those involved in “bloated” listing of voters if they are  employees of the commission and disqualify candidates found to have  a hand in the anomalous listing of voters.

Sahidulla said he will  file his petition  early next month since next week, Christians are observing the passion, death and resurrection  of Jesus Christ  during  the Holy Week. — Nonoy E. Lacson