Beng urges Zamcelco to maximize info drive PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 22 March 2013 11:29

House Deputy Speaker and District I Representative Beng Climaco has cited the urgent need for Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative (Zamcelco) to maximize its information system to keep the public well-informed as well as to avoid misunderstanding paving the way for collaborative effort in solving power shortage in the city.

“I understand that there is a problem in the flow of information between Zamcelco and the other sectors in Zamboanga,” the lady solon said, stressing “my office is open to be a conduit of information between stakeholders, which aims to avoid misunderstanding and facilitate a joint effort to solve the power shortage in Zamboanga.”

Climaco at the same time said Zamcelco must be “adamant, zealous and forthright in sourcing electricity to avoid brownouts in Zamboanga” given the various remedies offered by the Department of Energy (DOE) through Sec. Carlos Petillal during the Zamboanga Power Forum recently.

“The need to act quickly and efficiently must always consider the interest of the public, the member-consumers of Zamcelco. This interest includes apprising them of the prices and additional costs that would be necessary to solve the brownouts,” she stressed.

Sec. Petilla correctly said the Mindanao power crisis can be remedied n the long term by foresight and planning years ahead, she said. “However, what do we do here and now to alleviate the current power crisis in Zamboanga City? Let us strive for an energy plan beginning today moving forward into the future.”

Per information released by the DOE, Zamcelco’s deficit is 22.2 megawatts between its actual peak demand in March 2013 and its contracted supply. Just recently, Zamcelco signed a Power Sale Agreement (PSA) with the San Ramon Power Inc. (SRPI) for an 85MW capacity and with Philcarbon for .05MW. The SRPI however will be online in 2015 or 2016 while Philcarbon is too small to make a difference.

The lady solon said to alleviate the current power shortage the soonest time possible, Zamcelco must contract available capacity taking into consideration the options presented by Sec. Petilla.

The Iligan Diesel Power Plant (IDPP) or “Mapalad” is expected to come online in April 2013 with an initial load of 15MW. It will be ramped to 30MW in May 2013, 50MW in June 2013, and 98MW in September 2013.

Quoting Sec. Petilla, Climaco said Zamcelco contracted 18MW, and its schedule for additional supply from IDPP is 5MW by 3rd week of April, 7MW by 2nd week of May, 11MW by 2nd week of September, 17MW by 4th week of September and 18MW by 2nd week of October.

The IDPP has an industrial customer, Holcim, which has indicated that it can shift 5MW that it contracted to Zamcelco The target is 3rd week of April, but this can last only until September 2013, the time when Holcim would need this power for its own use.

Southern Philippines Power Corporation (SPPC) still has an available capacity of 5MW. Zamcelco has to contract it before others get it. On the other hand, there are also proposals for Modular Gensets amounting to 20MW from Alsons and other power generators which can be set up within 4 weeks upon the issuance of a provisional authority by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC).

“All these options are available and Zamcelco must be adamant, zealous and forthright in sourcing electricity to avoid brownouts in Zamboanga City”, Cong. Climaco said, reiterating that properly informing the public about the prices and additional costs is very essential.

She added: “As of this point in time, Zamboangeños can only guess what is exactly happening and exactly how their power rates would be affected by the available options to remedy the blackouts. Zamcelco should come up with an energy plan for the next few years, taking into consideration the contracting of the necessary power sources and their prices. Most importantly, these options and strategies should be known to all Zamboangueños.” — Marvin Segura