Fabian seeks repeal of tax edicts PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 25 March 2013 10:55

District 2 Congressman Erbie A. Fabian, whose candidacy for the mayoralty post is steadily gaining ground in both congressional districts of Zamboanga City, said yesterday he will seek a review of the city’s tax ordinances to unburden the public of taxes in the event he will seat at City Hall as Chief Executive.

Fabian cites an example the “pernicious collection” of P5 for the use of the city’s public toilets and parking lots.

“If given the chance to be the next mayor I will eradicate this spiteful collection of the P5 for the use of toilets in government institutions. The people are already paying taxes and instead of repaying them the government continues to amass wealth. We have so much money deposited in the bank. Cosa man ese sen ta ase na banko? Si nuay mas el gobierno sen puede pa gaha colecta pero bien muchu kita sen hinde mas ese debe cobra pa toilet fee,” Fabian said in an interview over Radio Mindanao Network.

Fabian said he will see to it the city government will appropriate yearly funds for the maintenance of the comfort rooms and salaries for the employees who will maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of these facilities at the Paseo del Mar, Plaza Pershing and public markets.

According to Fabian, it is the major complaint of the people because as taxpayers they have to pay for the use of CRs which are constructed and maintained out of public funds which is their own money.

“Some people, especially those who are drinking beer at the Paseo, have complained that they have to pay up to P50 because they urinate up to ten times,” Fabian emphasized. 

Fabian said the collection of parking fee in government facilities like Paseo and the public markets is also unpleasantly bad for the motorists because there are private establishments which are offering its parking space for free.

One of Fabian’s ten-point agenda is not to impose new taxes or raise existing tax rates.

“I will even introduce tax incentives for businesses operating outside the commercial district,” Fabian said. — NS