Local Team PNoy storms ZC beaches for Easter campaign PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 01 April 2013 11:04

The local administration bets were greeted with warm welcome from beach goers and picnickers as Team Pnoy conducted its campaign sorties in four beaches in the city’s east and west coasts yesterday.

While  outgoing Mayor and congressional aspirant Celso Lobregat led the group of candidates vying for elective posts in the 1st district, his younger brother Jomar, along with his entourage, went on to visit and campaign in the 2nd district, where he is aspiring to be congressman too.

Team PNoy’s campaign manager, Councilor Rudy Lim said, “under this set-up, both mayoralty candidate Beng Climaco-Salazar and her running mate, re-electionist Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde, will have to suit themselves either individually or together, to equally join their congressional and council bets in both districts at a given time”.

Lim said while Mayor Lobregat’s group went to campaign in Golf Beach, La Vista del Mar, and Caragasan Beach resorts, Jomar’s stormed the Bolong Beach, where beach goers celebrated Easter Sunday with their respective families.

“People were elated to see the Lobregat brothers with their respective council bets, who are mostly incumbent re-electionists, especially, when mayoralty and vice mayoralty front runners Climaco and Iturralde later joined them,” Lim narrated.

Lim said the local Team Pnoy is campaigning on an 18-point agenda, a platform of government started by the elder Lobregat, upon his assumption as mayor, almost three terms ago.

Lim said, the first week of April will see exciting events for Team Pnoy, as it has calendared its campaign salvo in the barangays within  seven-kilometer radius, before going far and subsequently reaching all the city’s 98 barangays.

Team Pnoy’s council aspirants for District 1 are re-electionists Myra Paz Abubakar, Rogelio “Gerky” Valesco Jr, Luis “Noning” Biel III, new comers Tito Espiritusanto, Narzad ‘Dats’ Sampang, Elbert “Bong” Atilano Sr, Violy Alejandro and Charlie Mariano.

For the 2nd district, the council bets are re-electionists Mike Alavar, VP Elago, Percival Ramos, Eddie Saavedra, and new comers Francisco ‘Kit’ Barredo, Art Onrubia, BG Guingona, and Elong Natividad. — Philip Abuy