Malagutay chair denies supporting Monsi dela Cruz PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 04 April 2013 11:43

The chairman of barangay Malagutay yesterday vehemently denied reports that he is supporting the bid of Crisanto de la Cruz as District 1 Congressional Representative and expressed surprise why the latter cited him as one of the west coast barangay chairmen supposedly who is endorsing his candidacy.

“Ya sabe yo cay di amon maga nombre asegun talla con Crisanto, como barangay chairman, came administration came, hinde came puede deja con Mayor [Celso] Lobregat pate con Ma’am Beng [Climaco] pate el entero line-up di Ma’am Beng, hinde came puede deja” [I learned that my name is mentioned by Crisanto [as one of the barangay chairmen supporting him]. As barangay chairman, we are for the administration, we cannot abandon Mayor Lobregat as well as Ma’am Beng and the entire line-up of Ma’am Beng, we cannot set them aside], the irate Allan de Guzman said in chabacano.

De Guzman said he and the constituents not only of Malagutay but the entire west coast area are witnesses to the good performance and accomplishments of Mayor Lobregat, who is running for the congressional seat in District 1 and Cong. Climaco, who is the standard bearer of the local Team PNoy.

“Actually claro kita, ta puede kita mira pakilaya el trabajo del di aton Alcalde [Lobregat] pate del di aton Congresista [Beng Climaco], porke man kame maga barangay chairmen bira pa kara?”, the Malagutay chairman asserted.

He continued: “Nosabe yo si pakilaya ya ginda di amon nombre alla, siguro haka-haka lang tamen di ila, pero este abla yo claro: mio suporta talli na Team PNoy—con Mayor Lobregat para na Congress [District 1], Ma’am Beng Climaco para mayor y na line-up del Team PNoy, hinde para con Crisanto” [I do not know how our names were included in their list, maybe they are just guessing, but I want to make this clear: my support is forTeam PNoy—Mayor Lobregat for Congress in District 1, Ma’am Beng Climaco for mayor and the entire line-up of Team PNoy, and not for Crisanto].

De Guzman also assured that a great majority of the residents of barangay Malagutay are for the Team PNoy citing the remarkable accomplishments and projects that are effectively benefiting the constituents of the barangay and the entire west coast area.

The soft-spoken Malagutay barangay chairman was forced to come out in the open amidst assertions by Lobregat’s rival de la Cruz that majority of the barangay officials of District 1 are supporting his bid. — Rey Carbonel