Atilano: Electric users cease blaming me on brownouts PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 05 April 2013 11:13

Team Pnoy District 1 council aspirant Elbert “Bong” Atilano Sr, yesterday expressed gladness, over his constituents’ change of mindset towards him, in relation to the present brownout problem in Zamboanga City.

Atilano, who resigned as Zamcelco president last March 29, said that in his almost a week of campaigning for his candidacy for city councilor, “people are slowly  getting convinced now, that these brownouts are neither mine nor Mayor Celso’s (Lobregat) fault”.

Atilano claimed to have personally explained to District 1 residents during their campaign sorties that Zamboanga City is just one of the affected areas of this power shortage in Mindanao, thus, he should not be blamed, nor the mayor, for such a mess.

“I’m happy, because in one of our house-to-house sorties, some residents admitted to have heard from national news, that power situation in the province of Sarangani, is much worst than ours, therefore, they cease blaming me and the city government for it,” said the former Zamcelco president.

Atilano said, besides, prior to his resignation as the coop’s president, “solutions have already been found, and it’s just  a matter of time, that electric consumers would start getting relief from inconveniences, brought about by this brownout mess.”

During Team Pnoy’s rally in Barangay Labuan Tuesday night, Atilano said, such event had to be interrupted for an hour or two due to brownout, but people thereat, waited for electricity to resume, and continued to listen to the candidates’ speeches, including his,  without blaming anybody.

“It only shows, that voters are beginning to understand, that some sectors, especially, candidates who are running for different elective posts in other camps, just politicized the black-out issue, possibly, to destroy mine and that of Mayor Lobregat’s image, just to gain the public’s attention and sympathy on election day,” Atilano said.

Meanwhile, although out of Zamcelco for almost a week now, Atilano claims to be strictly monitoring the development of the coop’s purported entry into contracts with independent power producers (IPPs), for the purchase of additional 20 to 30-megawatt power supply, “just so, electric consumers would receive enough electricity service promised them earlier, starting this month, and onward.” — PR