Talon-Talon folks agree with Erbie on blackouts, crimes PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 05 April 2013 11:15

Fuerza Zamboanga mayoralty bet Erbie A. Fabian got the nod of Talon-Talon folk on the urgent need to resolve blackouts, stop crimes and put a temporary halt to the imposition of taxes and excessive collection of fees as Fuerza Zamboanga rallied at Logoy Grande last night with hundreds of residents in attendance.

Fabian, who was with running mate Atty. Luis Climaco and Congress District II bet Councilor Lilia Macrohon Nuño along with the group’s council slate for the district spelled out point by point on Fuerza’s agenda and laid out its platform.

The rally rudely interrupted by a blackout middle of the program underscored the urgent need of the city as espoused by the group as Fabian held the present administration accountable for not resolving the power shortage of the city the past few years.

The group’s stanby generator saved the night for the group as the rally managed on despite the power outage.

Fabian said he also held the current leadership responsible for its failure to curb criminality in the city, with killings, kidnappings, the prevailing drug problems continuing to this date.

Dramatizing the need to put a halt to new taxes and a stop to collection of excessive fees, Fabian pointed out collection of toilet fees at Paseo del Mar, the fountain viewing fees, payment of fees for the use of the athletic grandstand in Baliwasan as classic examples of too much extraction of fees from the people who are hard pressed to even meet daily expenses.

With the huge crowd nodding in approval, Fabian went on to stress the need to restore the city back to become the City of flowers once again and explained the group’s other priorities contained in its 10-point agenda.

Fabian also explained to the people the “real story” on why he is running for mayor with Fuerza and not with the two other top officials of the city who used to be party mates in the past.

“They have completely shut me off thinking Erbie Fabian will whimper away, but no, I have a commitment to the people and I am now running with a group that is committed to stand by each other and campaign together and hopefully with your support win together that we may deliver on our pledge to you the good people of Talon-Talon and Zamboanga City as a whole,” Fabian thundered on during the night’s highlight address.

He vowed to continue delivering for Talon-Talon who he has gifted with the Talon-Talon National High School after his bill passed muster in Congress.

“You have always supported me and this has given me the inspiration to carry on t hopefully bring more good things to this barangay and the city as a whole,” Fabian said.

Fabian, Luis Climaco and Lilia Macrohon Nuno were with District 2 council bets Gerry Acuna, Ed Mingala, Ller Enriquez, Mako Apolinario and Dr. Lito Depositario.

Dr. Bonjing Feliciano was indisposed last night with everyone pitching in for him in a show of unity in the Fuerza Zamboanga group. — Fuerza Zamboanga PR