Monsi slams cyber tactic to sabotage his poll bid PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 05 April 2013 11:16

United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) District 1 congressional bet Monsi dela Cruz yesterday denounced what he described as his political rival’s first “dirty tactic” in this election campaign by resorting to cyber sabotage and hacking his facebook account in the internet.

Monsi said his facebook account was hacked at exactly 9:30 p.m. Tuesday and the hacker posted therein some names of barangay captains supposedly supporting his congressional bid in the city’s first district.

“They have started their dirty tactics and they have employed high tech method to sabotage my candidacy and campaign,” said Monsi, apparently referring to the Liberal Party-Adelante Zamboanga group of Celso Lobregat.

He said he has never posted in the facebook the names of barangay officials supporting him and that it is foolhardy for him to do so knowing that Lobregat will take vindictive actions against the barangay leaders.

“For me to post the names of barangay captains in my facebook account is tantamount to revealing ‘war secrets’ to the enemy. It was simply not clever to do it,” Monsi pointed out.

The servant-leader assumed that the hacker’s intention was to establish a basis for his rival to ask the barangay captains to deny they are supporting him (Monsi).

Incidentally,the barangay captain of Malagutay, Allan De Guzman, denied in a news statement that he has given his support to Monsi.

Reacting to the news statement, Monsi said it was probably part of the Lobregat camp’s scheme to embarass him  and sabotage his candidacy.

“I have nothing to say in as far as De Guzman’s statement... I understand it... What I feel is that the hacking of my facebook account and the denial of De Guzman came in a surprise coincidence,” said the UNA congressional candidate.

Monsi said he has no intention of fighting back and employing the same foul tactics.

“I leave it all to the barangay leaders and the electorate in the first district to decide on who will better become their congress representative,” he said. — UNA Media Bureau