Mako: Dedication is important in public service PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 06 April 2013 11:08

Number six in the ballot box contains the slot rightfully reserved for Cabaluay Barangay Captain Raphael “Mako” Apolinario.

Aspiring for a seat in the City Council for District 2 under Fuerza Zamboanga headed by mayoralty aspirant Erbie Fabian, Mako is currently enjoying the campaign and its related activities and has come to realize that “61 barangays is 61 barangays”. Despite the time demands, he is still keeping up.

Earlier, Kap Mako came from a visit of the barangay center in Sta. Catalina where he also got to inspect the daycare center and spoke to the teachers there. And what has Kap Mako learned from this visit? An interaction with these volunteers gave an insight that the teachers are hoping for a little support from the barangay itself.

The current situation in the barangay means that there is none from the city. This brings to fore what Kap Mako is vying for when it comes to the work to be done in the City Council. Simply put, if described on how he wants the government programs to be delivered to its constituents, it means that every citizen should “feel like the government is working for you,” Kap Mako continued, “if you want help, work, the government should be there for you.”

Based on Kap Mako’s observations, the budget is bent on the infra-social ratio of 70/30. But the ideal for Kap Mako would be 50/50, “because the priority should be set, and that the budget should be equally distributed,” Kap Mako firmly puts it.

For his campaign, the Cabaluay barangay captain wishes to simplify his advocacies in three words according to priority: social services, general services, and infrastructure.

Why in this arrangement? The jolly barangay captain explains, “If you give a person the social services which he expects from the government, he is a more productive citizen. And I believe that it is doable in all barangays.”