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Saturday, 06 April 2013 11:16

Mayor Celso Lobregat, Team PNoy’s District I congressional candidate, yesterday said his rival “has entangled himself in his web of lies, deceit and delusion” in reaction to published reports insinuating that he has resorted to the cyber approach to spoil the latter’s bid in the May 13 polls.

“Ase kita claro, este candidato ta corre para congresista na Distrito 1, el su nombre si Crisanto, he has entangled himself in his own web of lies, deceit and delusion,” Lobregat sharply replied media men who sought his reaction to the banner story published in Daily Zamboanga Times yesterday  entitled “Monsi slams cyber tactic to sabotage his poll bid. “Ya sale na suyo facebook [account] ta dale le gracias na cuantos capitan que ta suporta daw conele y cuando yan deny estos maga capitan, ara ta abla le ya man hack daw di suyo facebook [account]”.

In the said news, De la Cruz, a former priest, accused Lobregat and his Team PNoy camp to have hacked his account in the social networking site by posting photos and statuses indicating that he is gaining ground and is winning the support of the masses and barangay officials of District 1.

Netizens to include media people who are friends of de la Cruz in the social network noted that the former priest has been very active in his account even before the campaign period posting every picture that he takes with people visiting his hotel, his visits to the barangays and even pictures of him paying last respects to dead people or visiting sick people in the hospital apparently to show his concern for the masses.

The account also includes the former priest’s statuses stating about his advocacies and attacks on Lobregat, the supposed huge support he is getting from the people specifically barangay chairmen who posed with him in some pictures, according to his netizen-friends.

Lately, they said, the former priest has been posting photos of his campaign sorties and his proclamation rally at his hotel held a few days ago.

Lobregat scoffed at De la Cruz’ accusations saying it is a desperate move to save face from the embarrassment he has caused to himself. “Cuando yan deny maga capitan que hinde sila ta suporte conele, ara ta ase le baliskat. Di suyo se facebook account, talla maga letrato y ele ta man hambug y ara tan deny maga capitan, ta abla le cay yan hack di suyo account”.

Lobregat called on de la Cruz to stop resorting to misinformation and confusing the people. “The residents and voters of Zamboanga are intelligent, no ase buyung [con el maga jente], pabor!”

Lobregat, who is leading in the District 1 congressional race said he has run so many campaigns and has run in different positions starting in 1998 and that he has always run as if he is the underdog. “When I campaign, I do house to house campaign, I do my homework, I talk to leaders, it is a race and as I always do, I will campaign very hard”.

Another misinformation orchestrated by De la Cruz, he added, is about a supposed tuition fee increase at the Western Mindanao State University. “This is part of his web of lies, deceit and delusion—there is no increase yet, it is for consultation and the proper person that should answer this is the president of WMSU”. — Rey Carbonel