Rio Hondo chair vows support to Beng, Celso, Itu, Team PNoy PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 07 April 2013 14:44

Rio Hondo Chairman Rozdy Mukarram is the latest barangay official to publicly express his support to the local Team PNoy in District 1 led by mayoralty aspirant Cong. Beng Climaco-Salazar, re-electionist Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde,    District 1 congressional aspirant Mayor Celso Lobregat and all the aspirant councilors under the administration.

Mukarram said he had to come out in the open, as a District 1 congressional candidate running against Lobregat is claiming that he has shifted support along with several other barangay chairmen in the west coast.

“Con Mayor [Lobregat for Congress in District 1] y Ma’am Beng Climaco [Salazar], Vice Mayor Iturralde y todo maga candidado para consehal, cay ta mira man el maga jente si cosa el maga programa y proyecto ya dale si mayor principiando pa Kwando yo un kagawad pa lang, “ Mukarram said belying assertions by Crisanto de la Cruz that the village official is supporting him.

Mukarram said his attendance in the de la Cruz’ proclamation rally at a hotel last Sunday was purely accidental, as he was then with his family at the said hotel to celebrate the birthday of his child. “Quiere lang you ase claro, talla yo cay birthday di mio anak del Domingo. Ta come came Kwando tiene comigo ya atraca, si Abe Tan, kagawad de Sta. Maria, ya abla si puede daw yo anda alla adentro cay talla maga otro capitan”.

While inside the venue, the Rio Hondo barangay chairman said, photographs were taken and these photos are now being used as supposed proofs that the barangay chairmen including him have allied with and are supporting de la Cruz.

Mukarram said he could never turn his back on congressional aspirant Mayor Lobregat including mayoralty aspirant Climaco-Salazar and her party mate Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde and Council aspirants Myra Paz Abubakar, Noning Biel, Gerky Valesco, Bong Atilano, Violy Alejandro, Dats Sampang and Tito Espiritusanto citing the countless projects and programs implemented in his barangay to help improve people’s lives.

Desde tiempo kagawad pa yo bien manada gayot projects y programs que ya dale na barangay Rio Hondo, y ahora, progress ya gayot el RiO Hondo,” he pointed out. --Rey Carbonel