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Sunday, 07 April 2013 14:45

His jingles and ads have caught the attention of the young and old alike and now Mike Apostol is doing all the rounds in the door-to-door campaign together with Fuerza Zamboanga headed by mayoralty aspirant Erbie A. abian. As for Mike, he is aiming for a seat in the City Council under District I.

A former secretary to the mayor under the late mayor Caling Lobregat’s term, Mike became a commissioner for the Indigenous People shortly upon his exit from City Hall, working closely with different cultures such as the Sama, Badjaos, Tausug, Subanen and more. His years of work here has brought to light the many needs of the IPs and what better services should be crafted, planned and executed for them. Also a columnist Daily Zamboanga Times, he greeted the audience with the IP languages which he spent many years with in the Fuerza Zamboanga rally in Talisayan earlier this week.

Mike came to Talisayan to introduce the objectives which he strongly believes in and which come in parallel to the goals of Fuerza Zamboanga.

“The elections,” Mike said in Chavacano, “is not for those candidates who want to be mayor or vice mayor, councillors but it is for the people of Zamboanga City.” He explains that it is time for those who believe in change, because it is the right time for change, giving the people the privilege to act for change, to replace the candidates who are not doing service to the city.

“The election is not based on what your profession, gender or age is, because you all have equal votes,” he encouraged the people of Talisayan on Tuesday night, “the people have a right to decide for the city’s future.” Rightfully so, is because there is only one day to determine the quality of service that the Zamboanguenos should be having for the next three years.

“If we are not going to move and express ourselves, nothing is really going to happen to us and to the city,” the council aspirant says.

Do not let his slogan Smile with Mike fool you, because behind that slogan is a candidate who knows his objectives, and knows how to carry a fierce battle when it comes to the belief of change. — Fuerza Zamboanga PR