BG, Kit, Art vow dedicated service PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 08 April 2013 11:17

Three newcomers under Team PNoy’s District II Council slate have vowed to serve the city with utmost dedication and commitment if given the mandate come May 13 elections.

Benjamin “BG” Guingona IV, Francisco “Kit” Barredo and Arturo “Art” Onrubia individually made this vow, as they expressed unanimous feelings over their new and challenging but exciting experiences as new Council aspirants.

“It has been a continuous learning experience for me, as the group’s youngest candidate”, Benjamin ‘BG’ Guingona IV recounted after a week on the campaign trail in the different barangays under District II.

The 24-year old Guingona is a former Manila Stocks Exchange employee and subsequently, a senate staff. He is Senator TG Guingona’s nephew, and grandson of Former Vice President Teofisto ‘Tito’ Guingona and nephew of outgoing District 2 Councilor Benjamin ‘Nonong’ Guingona III.

Guingona said, “I should have gone on an out of the country vacation and enjoying with my friends right now, yet I chose to stay and take my uncle’s (Nonong Guingona) place to run for city councilor, because, like my senator uncle (TG Guingona), and my ex-vice president Lolo (Tito Guingona), I also want to serve my fellow Zambopangueños while I’m still young and able”.

The younger Guingona said, that while he had gone around the country campaigning for his uncle TG in the 2010 senatorial elections, “it’s quite different and challenging now, that I am campaigning for myself, in the very city where I was born”.

Guingona is gunning for youth’s well-being, with emphasis on education, sports, and poverty alleviation programs.

For his part, Francisco ‘Kit’ Barredo admitted to be encountering different kind of experience, though having been in government service for 44 years, until retirement October of last year.

Barredo, who is a retired City Social Welfare officer says, “Although I have been speaking to people and audience on stage for years, this is quite strange to me now, because every time I go on stage, I court for votes”.

However, the 65-year old Barredo, claims to be learning more things about politics daily, with the help of his veteran and experienced counterparts in their party.

Meanwhile, another council wannabe, Arturo ‘Art’ Onrubia, admits, that although he has not suffered a ‘culture shock’ in their one week of campaigning, due to his almost a decade experience in barangay politics, he however feels a wider and bigger responsibility, now that he is courting the votes of district 2 constituents.

A retired Coca-cola employee, Onrubia, who is also Guiwan’s number 1 barangay councilman, and current president of Federation of Barangay Kagawads in Zamboanga City (FEBARKAZA), said, “Since I filed my certificate of candidacy (COC), I’ve taken it upon myself that I should no longer be concerned in one small barangay, but rather, I will start maintaining a mindset of being a property of the whole district 2”. — PA