Monsi to Celso on WMSU tuition fee hike: Who is liar? PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 08 April 2013 11:24

UNA District 1 congressional candidate Cris “Monsi” Dela Cruz on Saturday presented to newsmen a document confirming a tuition fee increase in the Western Mindanao State University for the calendar year 2013.

The document, signed by Dr. Ricardo Danilo Corteza, secretary of the Board of Regents, showed that during a recent board meeting, a resolution was passed effecting an increase in tuition fee with nine members of the Board of Regents including Mayor Celso Lobregat approving it and only one voting against.

Lobregat, Dela Cruz’ opponent in the District 1 congressional race, had earlier called Dela Cruz a liar for saying there is a tuition fee increase in WMSU, saying it is subject for consultations.

With the document signed by Corteza, Dela Cruz assailed Lobregat for calling him (Dela Cruz) a liar, stressing that the document speaks for itself on the tuition fee hike.

“I just heard taped voice that the mayor was saying I am telling a lie in connection with the tuition fee increase at the WMSU. But here is the document signed by board secretary Dr. Ricardo Danilo Corteza saying that there was a board resolution approving the increase of the tuition fee, quien el imbustero canamon dos?,” Dela Cruz asked.

Dela Cruz said the increase in tuition fee will take effect this school year 2013.

I am very happy that the mayor is showing his true color, mayor take care of your health, you look so haggard, relax lang, el respeto talya lang siempre, I will respect your office but I will disagree with your lies,” Dela Cruz said during a press conference.

Dela Cruz said the increase in tuition fee is a shameful act as businessmen in the city are complaining on the increase in taxes and yet the mayor instead of going against the increase in tuition fee, he voted in favor.

“Donde man el lastima para na maga pobre?” asked the servant-leader.

Meanwhile, Dela Cruz emphasized that once in Congress, he will abolish all ghost employees and be true to the mandate of the people.

Dela Cruz said  he will not use his name or post his picture on government projects and he will immediately attend to the problem of power shortage.

Meanwhile, Dela Cruz revealed that his campaign in the different barangays in the First District since day 1 has been a wonderful experience everyday to meet people from all walks of life.

“Listening to their cares and struggles in life to make a decent living. Their problems on the blackouts occurences everyday affecting their livelihood and day to day activities; their quests for better lives and opportunities; the pestering killings and crimes in existence till this day only overshadowed by the problem of electricity (blackouts); people jobless suffering in poverty yet billions of government funds deposited in the bank,” said Monsi.

“High taxes enforced and dictated upon, and now the impending tuition fee increase at WMSU of which Lobregat is one of the members of the Board that approved the said resolutio, insensitive to the financial difficulties of parents and students,” he concluded. – Dan Toribio Jr. with report from HG