Zambo City situation deteriorates — Mercy PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 09 April 2013 11:05

Despite an intensified security measures by authorities in the different barangays in District 1 and 2 the peace and order situation continues to worsen, UNA vice mayoralty candidate Mercy Arquiza said on Monday.

Since March 31, last month, shootings continue in the different barangays where a driver, a security guard, a Cafgu, and a minor were victims of unidentified gunmen, she said.

Just over the weekend, a business couple was abducted inside their marine buying station by unidentified armed men at a private wharf in Baliwasan Seaside, the lady vice mayoralty candidate said.

“The matter (incident) of shootings, kidnappings, stabbings, and robberies continues to deteriorate. And so I call upon the mayor and the incumbent local officials to do something about it,” Arquiza said.

She asked: “Do they (city government local officials) have to wait until the change will finally come so that all these problems can be addressed?”

Expressing her concern about the deteriorating situation in Zamboanga City, Mercy said as an ordinary citizen she was deeply alarmed “because we don’t know the next day somebody will be kidnapped, shot, killed or robbed.”

“How is this? We should put a stop to this. That’s why I am always telling the people I am running for change for better life,” Arquiza further said.

To back up her claim that the situation in the city is alarming, she suggested to the people to see the huge tarpaulin of Universidad de Zamboanga being displayed in downtown in front of City Hall.

The tarpaulin shows the number of gun shooting victims since Janruary 1, 2012 to the present. So far, the number of shootings reaches now to almost 300 incidents.

Arquiza said if she is elected vice mayor, the first thing she would do in the City Council is to encourage the committee on peace and order to review all resolutions that had been passed.

“We will find out which one of these (resolutions) is implemented (why if not why not). We will probably ask (councilors) to be action officers in their area of development,” she said.   

“It is not enough to make local legislation. We will see to it that in coordination with the national, intelligence officers, military and police authorities we will do that,” she said. — HG