Women cry, others cheer; Celso is seen in Fabian’s Fuerza rallies PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 10 April 2013 11:54

The women folk cried, their male counterpart, the teenagers and kids cheered in sympathy as Erbie A. Fabian recounted the story on how he ended up alone in the cold after he was abandoned by the political group of the Lobregats.

This was the scene in some of the campaign rallies the Fuerza Zamboanga held in Vitali, Camino Nuevo and in Pasonanca.

And guess who was seen watching the rallies at the Plaza Pershing and Vitali? Mayor Celso Lobregat!

“Porke man se ancina sila ya ase kun Erbie? Un pobresito Zamboangueño victima de pasipala,” said Ñora Tonya of Vitali.

She said she remembers Fabian as one of the loyal and trusted men of the late Ma’am Caling Lobregat.

“Pirmi se si Erbie na costao di Ma’am Caling,” she recalled saying in good times and bad times. “Ara ya ichapuera sila conele.”

Romy, a father of 3 and resident of Camino Nuevo, lamented that Fabian was apparently junked in favor of another Lobregat to run for the second congressional  district.

“Claro lang en rason porke ya abandona sila kun Erbie,” said Romy.

Ronalyn, a 22-year-old lass of Pasonanca, said as a young girl she remembers Fabian since he was councilor until he became vice mayor during which he promoted wholesome fun and sports and good health practices.

“Kere kere gat kame mio hermano mayor kun Erbie kay ya insinya ele con el maga jovenes bibi buen vida y anda lehos na mal bisyo,” Ronalyn said.

There were many other folks giving short or one word remark on Fabian, who is now running for mayor.

“Fight Sir!” encouraged JayR.

“Tali kame contigo Cong Fabian,” assured Nong Berting.

Meanwhile, Fuerza staff and supporters spotted Mayor Lobregat inside a van parked in a corner watching and listening to the speeches during the Fuerza’s rallies in Plaza Pershing and Vitali.

Asked for comment, Fabian said he is glad the mayor, who is supporting his political opponent, is interested in the Fuerza rallies.

“I can’t tell you why he wants to watch our rallies... Your guess is as good as mine,” Fabian said.— FZ Media Bureau