Celso urges Zambo cops: Enhance your competence PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 25 January 2011 16:15

Mayor Celso Lobregat yesterday challenged the organic members of the Zamboanga City Police Office to enhance their competence, especially in conducting investigations, pursuing drug-related cases, going after the criminals and deterring would-be lawbreakers.

Lobregat issued the challenge during the oath taking ceremony for the 160 newly promoted police officers where he said the Philippine National Police has been under public scrutiny because of police scalawags who are willing to exchange their honor with money.

While it is true that every organization has its own share of rogues, the city chief executive emphasized that every police unit must and should clear their ranks of such troublemakers. “It is imperative that policemen set a good example by maintaining an image not tarnished by corruption.”

“For how can law enforcers effectively enjoin civilians to uphold the law when they themselves have no respect for the law?” he asked in a statement. “Aside from maintaining an unblemished image, I ask all of you to continue to work hard on improving your skills and your performance,” he told the police. “You owe it to the people you serve, to your profession and to yourselves to enhance your competence,” he added.

Even if assisting the police is the role of the national government, Lobregat stressed the local police can count on the support of the city government under his administration. “We shall continue to assist our police forces in whatever way we can. We only expect in return that our policemen would do their job well, strive to improve their capabilities and maintain their good image,” he said.

No less than the PNP Chief, Director General Raul Bacalzo, in his visit to Zamboanga recently said the city government’s all out assistance in the form of firearms, vehicles, police stations and action centers, gasoline allocation and cash incentives form part of the support system to the police.

“This is to show our trust and confidence on the police notwithstanding the few nuisances in the force. And so, you have to do your utmost best in providing our people with optimum service that they deserve,” the mayor further told the police officers, stressing that law enforcement is not taken lightly in Zamboanga City, especially in the face of perils that endanger the lives and future of the local residents.

He declared that the city government is working closely with the different law enforcement agencies to ensure that these menaces are minimized, if not totally eradicated. “Over the last few months there have been infringements in our peace and order and I believe that you—the law enforcers have been doing your level best to improve security, peace and order in the city,” the mayor stressed.

To the newly promoted police men and women, the mayor had this to say: “More than the substantial raise in salary and career status, your promotion today means the strengthening of your commitment to protect the people of Zamboanga from lawless elements and serve them with all your heart and might, with all integrity and honesty.”

Assisting the mayor were city police director Sr. Supt. Edwin de Ocampo and Chief Insp. Lucino Gonzaga Jr, chief administrative branch, and other ranking police officers. — Vic Larato