Hegem close to capturing top post in Lamitan City PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 11 April 2013 11:11

Young mayoralty candidate Hegem Furigay is close to capturing Lamitan City’s top post that supporters of one of his opponents are resorting to threats and sabotage.

This developed as Hegem’s five major rallies conducted in the most populous barangays of Lamitan were all jampacked with thousands of relatives, friends and supporters in the past week.

The youthful leader expressed gratitude to the hordes of people in Ubid, Parang Basak, Colonia, Tinog, Buwahan and Kulay Bato who joined the rallies in support of his candidacy.

“The atmosphere is like celebrating fiesta where we come together, we eat and dance together,” said a supporter.

Hegem, in his message, explained to the people that if elected mayor he will see to it that all the 45 barangays of Lamitan will be given equal attention regardless of political colors.

“Everybody, even those who have not supported me during the election will be given equal importance because I will be a mayor for all,” Hegem emphasized.

He said the first 100 days will be so hectic as he will consult with all the sectors and learn from them their ideas and sentiments to develop Lamitan.

He said barangays that do not have passable roads will be one of his priorities, repair of schools, implementation of barangay health centers, health and sanitation are also his main concerns.

As the top councilor in Lamitan, Hegem had constructed so many basketball courts in many communities using his own salary.

After his speech, the people shouted,“Hegem, Hegem, Team Colorao el Mas Asegurao.”

Because of the increasing support Hegem is getting from the populace day after day, some of his organizers, poster boys and other key players joining the campaign trail have been receiving threats and intimidations via text messages from people close to one of his opponents.

A poster boy was threatened at gunpoint while many posters of Hegem have been  destroyed and removed by unidentified supporters of the other group. — KS