Zamcelco VP shields Atilano, endorses Team Pnoy bets PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 12 April 2013 11:06

As the Mindanao-wide electricity problem persists, Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative (ZAMCELCO) Vice President Efren Perez, has been bravely going out of his league, just to defend embattled Team Pnoy’s 1st district council aspirant Elbert ‘Bong’ Atilano Sr., from continuous criticisms against the former ZAMCELCO president.

Perez’ undying sympathy for Atilano, goes up to Team Pnoy’s campaign sorties, where he would always take time in explaining to the electorate, that the present brown-out mess is not the latter’s fault, since it is similarly experienced in the whole of Mindanao.

Until his resignation last March 29, Atilano, has been blatantly criticized by critics, over the more than six-hour daily brown-outs, that has partially crippled Zamboanga City’s economy.

“Abla sila, culpa di Bong Atilano si porke bien largo el hora del black-out. Pero no sabe sila, y no quiere tamen sila cre que si Bong Atilano nuay culpa, si Bong Atilano amo el ya ayuda mucho para encontra quita solusyon con este presente mga black-out”, the irate Perez explained in a recent Team Pnoy rally in barangay Lunzuran.

Perez also reiterated about the good effects, borne out of last March 8’s signing of the Power Sales Agreement between Zamcelco and San Ramon Power, Incorporated (SRPI), which promises a long-term solution to Zamboanga City’s power needs, starting 2016.

At the same time, Perez sought for electric users to prolong their patience, as additional power augmentation is already underway, to gradually ease out  the brown-out problem, starting last week of April until 1st week of May, following the scheduled entry of independent power producers (IPPs), that would supply the city’s needed power requirement on a short-term basis.

Perez, who was among those invited to come on stage and pledge support for said party’s 2nd district candidates, has declared without reservations, that he is for Team Pnoy bets.

“Ta suporta yo cun Ma’am Beng (Climaco) para mayor, cun Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde, cun Sir Jomar Lobregat para congresista del segundo distrito, y contodo con este mga quien ta corre consejal bajo na Team Pnoy”, the former Lunzuran chieftain pledged.

At the same time, Perez had shown gratitude over Mayor Lobregat’s humble dealings with him since the last part of his Lunzuran chairmanship, despite their political differences during the past three local elections.

Per record, Lunzuran became one of the two pioneer recipients of a modern barangay hall, at a time when Perez was its barangay chairman. — Team Pnoy PR