‘Fuerza’ pushes for relevant social services program PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 12 April 2013 11:13

Poverty in the city remains a major concern and the present city social services program falls short in addressing the issue, and FuerzaZamboanga takes cognizance of the problem and looks to remedy the situation with a ‘relevant’ social services agenda.

I   n their nightly rallies concluding their break neck house-to-house campaign in the barangays three top candidates of the group led by mayoralty aspirant Erbie A. Fabian vowed to increase the social services fund component of councilors, the mayor’s office while congressional bet for District II Lilia Nuno promised to allot bigger fund allocation if and when they come out successful in the May 13 polls.

“With your support, we will focus our attention on providing more for social services, as poverty prevents many of our residents here from getting proper health care, from hospitalization, buying much needed medicines, from having enough for burial expenses for their departed loved ones, sending their children and keeping their kids in school, and so much more,” Fabian added.

“I have agreed with Councilor Mel Sadain and Ma’am Lilia Nuno and Vice Mayor Atty. Luis Climaco that if we by chance get elected, social services funds of councilors which at present is less than P2 million will be increased two to three fold to make it relevant to social costs in helping our poor people in the city,” said Fabian.

The Fuerza team in their nightly rallies laments the fact that so many people in need have to be turned back because funds allotted to elected officials are so meager.

To top it all, Councilor Lilia Nuno said the present system is so tedious that those seeking help have to go through a long tiring process just to avail of financial help.

“Let us cut red tape and make it easier for our people needing help,” Nuno said.

Councilor Sadain for his part added delivery of basic services fall short when government fails to attend to the needs of its constituents at any point in time, despite having oodles of money lying idle in bank deposits.

It is a shame that this is happening and we at Fuerza hopes to correct this with your help and support in the years to come, the popular alderman from the wesrt coast said.

Fabian added, they are looking at increasing the councilors’ allocation from the present rate to 5 million pesos each regardless of whether they belong to the admin party or not.

“Party mates or not they are elected by the people and as such they are entitled to same allocation,” he said. — FuerzaZamboanga Media Bureau