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Friday, 12 April 2013 11:37

As the Zamboanga City Water District (ZCWD) reported last April 9 of low water pressure in at least nine barangays, Fuerza Zamboanga and Nacionalista Party (NP) mayoral candidate Congressman Erico “Erbie” Fabian yesterday promised to review and pursue the plan to construct a mini water holding dam in either Pasonanca or San Ramon to solve the water crisis experienced by the city every dry season.

In 1996, the World Bank (WB) through the Japanese government allocated $600,000 to study the water problem in the Philippines. One of the beneficiaries of that study was Zamboanga city.

In that study, it was reported that building a water holding dam would cost around P1.6 billion. Water district General Manager Leonardo “Chito” Vasquez said that because of inflation from the time the study was concluded to the present, the project will now cost around P2 billion.

Fabian said that water is an essential utility that everybody should enjoy. “It is an important part of every household, equally essential and important as power,” he said.

Every dry season, Zamboanga city experiences water rationing because the water supply at the in-take in Pasonanca dries up. The water treatment plant in Pasonanca can hold only limited volume of water for a certain period of time, Vasquez said in an exclusive interview.

Because Zamboanga continues to expand in terms of population and housing, the supply of water should be constant thereby requiring a small water holding dam. If the plan in 1996 was pursued, the dam would have been constructed in either Pulong Bato or somewhere in San Ramon, Vasquez said.

Fabian said that the dam is an important infrastructure that has been overlooked and ignored by the present city administration. Other than people and animals, industries, light or heavy, need a steady supply of water. “We dread the time when we wouldn’t have enough potable water for drinking and cooking because of neglect by the city government,” Fabian said.

Water district board directors are appointees of the city mayor. “Why this project was never pursued by the city government puzzles me,” Fabian said.

At the same time, Fabian said that his bill is now pending at the Philippine Senate to protect Zamboanga’s watershed area, the main source of the city’s water supply. — BJ