Fuerza raises concern over Zambo City’s water supply PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 13 April 2013 11:19

The onset of “El Nino” in Zamboanga City as warned earlier by PAGASA is starting to take its toll as several barangays reportedly were without water for extended period of time last week, including the barangay of Tugbungan.

Team Fuerza Zamboanga was in Tugbungan last night and the group led by its mayoralty bet Erbie A. Fabian expressed concern over the recurring problem and vowed to address the issue if they come out victorious in the May 13 polls.

Addressing the barangay folk of Tugbungan, Fabian pointed to the urgency of addressing the problem as water is a basic essential in the day to day lives of the city folk.

Fuerza Zamboanga hit the barangay on their scheduled stop for a whole day house-to-house campaign capped with its nightly rally right after.

Residents by the hundreds eagerly welcomed the Fuerza team as they pursued their campaign in earnest, taking time to talk to the simple folk of the barangay to find out how Fuerza can be of help.

While acknowledging the recent improvements instituted by the new leadership at the helm of the Zamboanga City Water District, Fabian said the yearly problem of water shortage during the summer months have continued to persist and will likely occur anew in the years ahead.

“My understanding is production of potable water still lags behind as the water utility firm is hard pressed to cope up with demand,” the Fuerza standard bearer said. “We are approaching 1 million in population size and water production is way off providing round-the-clock water service to households and it may take years and billions of pesos before we can rectify the situation, Fabian said.

Speaking in the vernacular, Fabian said, “here in Tugbungan alone, we understand the water flow to households has been erratic.”

‘We at Fuerza, with your help and support vow to sit down with the ZCWD and execute projects to address the short, medium and long term needs of the firm to provide water to all households 23-hour a day. ‘With its vaunted vast financial resources lying idle in bank deposits, I think it would be prudent for the city to pour funds and invest at modernizing the water production capabilities of the City water district,” said mayoralty bet.

Other than power, peace and order and the issue on taxes, addressing the water shortage problem ranks up just as high as this concerns the daily lives of our people. — Fuerza Zamboanga Media Bureau