Energy conservation tips pushed amid power crisis Print
Saturday, 13 April 2013 11:36

The Department of Energy (DOE), in coordination with the Philippine Energy Efficiency Project, is urging the public to practice energy conservation in the midst of power shortage in Mindanao, including Zamboanga City.

DOE sought to disseminate energy conservation methods to inform  stakeholders about the favorable effects of the energy-saving measures in the abatement of the energy crisis currently being experienced in the different parts of the country.

The conservation methods were presented during a seminar dubbed as Energy Efficiency and Conservation held at a local hotel in Zamboanga City last Thursday. It was attended by Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) officials, consumers and officers of various agencies,

Topics of the seminar highlighted conservation tips which address energy consumption especially in the household. Household energy saving concepts and tips were given, it involved tips on everyday activities such as cooking, laundry, ironing, cooling and ventilation. The event also aimed to educate the participants to be more conscious with regards to the efficiency of their electrical devices.

In connection with the practical conservation methods tackled, the Department of Energy discourages the consumers to patronize “energy-saving devices”, which are being sold widely in the market. The said devices afford no actual use to minimize one’s electricity consumption and accordingly it may even pose hazards to the user.

Moreover, the tips given were not only focused on the electrical bill-saving methods but the lecture also covered conservation means of alternative sources of energy such as the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

DOE Mindanao Field Office-Senior Science Research Specialist (SRS), Nenita C. Uy cautioned the participants to vigilantly check their LPG hoses for possible leaks and to change the hose every two years to ensure its efficiency.

DOE Senior SRS for Calibration/Instrumentation and Control, Renante M. Sevilla discussed the importance of energy appliance labeling in the afternoon session of the seminar. Energy standards and energy labeling are recognized strategies to promote the use of energy efficient household electrical products. These strategies contemplate the testing of product samples to verify claims on energy ratings such as energy consumption and energy efficiency.

The last lecture covered the topic of Transport Energy Saving Concepts and Tips including advisories on efficient driving, carpooling and efficient transportation alternatives. The topic which points out practices of fuel wastage was undertaken by Mr. Alexander C. Pueblos.

Attendees to the seminar from WMSU were Vice President for Academic Affairs-Dr. Carmelita M. Felisilda and WMSU Director for Administration Dr. Joselito D. Madroñal. — Ekeena O. Lim,  WMSU-Public Affairs Office