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Sunday, 14 April 2013 16:43


More than 1,000 residents of Barangay Tulungatung manifested their support to UNA District 1 congressional aspirant Monsi Dela Cruz and his party mates during UNA’s 6th grand rally last Friday.

The Tulungatung folks braved the rain and trudged to the rally venue to hear the UNA team led by Dela Cruz present their platform of government.

The audience, mostly voters,  have been observed of their “silent applause” while the UNA candidates delivered their speeches and presenting their individual platform of government. Loud applause however followed when Dela Cruz and the party mates bared their concrete plans for Zamboanga City.

“Ora ya para cambia,” is Dela Cruz and his team’s battlecry in rallies.

Residents were apparently very impressed with Dela Cruz and his team’s plans not only for the first district but for the entire city.

In his speech, Dela Cruz tackled the issues of power crisis, crimes,  high taxes, increase in tuition fee at the Western Mindanao State University and many others that the city is facing.

“Monsi and his team mates are our hope as we believe in their capabilities to alleviate our poor condition here,” residents said during the rally.

Tulungatung was the sixth barangay of the UNA’s major rallies. The first one was held at Paseo de Lantaka, followed by others in Sta. Maria, Labuan, San Jose Gusu and Sa Roque.

“Residents have only one request to  the UNA team led by Dela Cruz: ‘It’s now time for a change.’” said an UNA supporter. – Dan Toribio Jr.


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