West Coast will be city’s industrial zone — Fabian PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 14 April 2013 16:45

The City’s west coast will become the city’s de facto industrial zone under a Fuerza Zamboanga administration, declared mayoralty aspirant and last term congressman Erbie A. Fabian during yesterday’s campaign sortie by the group in Barangay Labuan.

In staying true to our 10-point agenda, we at FuerzaZamboanga have pledged to work closely with barangay units in the city in our desire to disperse progress and development to the grassroots level.

Fabian along with vice mayoralty bet Atty. Luis Climaco and their council bets conducted their house-to-house campaign in the area and nearby barangays while talking and listening to the people on how best the group can help their barangays.

Fabian said under the Fuerza’s platform of government, the barangays will become empowered to participate in social-economic development affairs to focus on bringing progress right back to the countryside.

“Zamboanga has to project outward in terms of development so our people in the barangays can feel and benefit from real economic and industrial progress right in their very doorstep,” Fabian disclosed. “Besides this will help decongest our city proper, where the main commercial and industrial activities are and encourage our rural folk to stay put where they are now and help develop their barangays by hosting commercial and industrial establishments and provide gainful employment for many in the rural areas.”

Fabian and the Fuerza Zamboanga team has continued drawing big crowds to their campaign sorties and rallies as people came in droves to listen to their program of government, the group’s plan for the city in the next three years.

“Bueno pa el Fuerza tiene gayot sila plataforma de gobierno,” said one 66-year-old retiree who was at the rally last night.

“Hende man sila igual aquel los otro que cosa cosa lang man tan kwento, nuhay claro el direction diila,” said another added while listening to council aspirant Mike Apostol deliver his speech during the rally.

A woman in the crowd added, ‘Bueno pa si mayor Erbie maskin hende ele de aki na de amun distrito ta bene gayot y man kwento kanamun,” she said her head shaking.

Fabian for his part said the presence of the Zamboanga Economic Zone, where he once served as the congressional representative in the board, the more than 15 sardine factories in the west coast make it ideal for the area to become the city industrial hub.

Pouring in funds in support infrastructure projects, improve basic services and ensure ample protection with the stationing of more police and military units in the area will be major considerations if he and his team make it this May 13, Fabian added.

“This is what we meant by filtering down the benefits of progress and development to the grassroots as espoused by our group,” the solon added.

Barangay units will evolve too, from passive players in development to active participants in bringing progress to their respective areas, Fabian emphasized.

Labuan folks have pledged to support Fabian and his team as more and more are getting convinced, FuerzaZamboanga is the way to go this May 13 elections. — FuerzaZamboanga Media Bureau