Apostol adheres to clean campaign vow: No money doleouts PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 15 April 2013 10:50

Fuerza Zamboanga District 1 Council aspirant Mike S. Apostol earned the respect and at the same time the ire of some residents in the city for refusing to succumb to their request for money doel-outs in all his campaign sorties with the Fuerza Zamboanga, according to Zamboanga Election Watch 2013,  a group composed of Guardians Fraternity, out-of-school youths and some active students and some are members of a religious sector.

Zamboanga Election Watch 2013 member Darryl Vallecer of Barangay San Jose Gusu, who recently went with the group of Apostol in his campaign trail in the West Coast saw the difficult situation council bet Apostol is into every time someone asks from him money for donation and contribution or for personal purpose.

Apostol politely turned down their request and explained to them that “money he has none but your sincere support will be repaid more than money in terms of transparent public service”.

Apostol stood firm in his stand to start a clean campaign that one Subanen village chieftain in Limpapa, Datu Gumandaw, said, “I know Apostol, when he was still an NCIP Commissioner, he has extended his full support to all tribes under him without any considerations”.

Apostol also got the support of some Urban Poor members in Labuan, who are natives of Zamboanga Sibuguey like Jimmy Bagotao, one of the officers of the Urban Poor settlers in that village, who said “I know Apostol for helping many of our youths with Subanen blood to become policemen in the region by issuing and approving a “height waiver” which the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples has a standing agreement with the National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) when he was an NCIP Commissioner.”

Bagotao added, “Commissioner Apostol will never say no to any request if they have complete and legitimate requirements as an IP, many of our youths are already active policemen in the region”.

In an interview, Apostol said, “I have signed a covenant in public with the Silsilah Dialogue Movement for a clean campaign for good governance and I don’t intend to break that covenant at this time when we are in the start of electoral transformation. Besides I have my qualifications and experiences to offer Zamboanga City and to buy their votes just to win will be cheating myself and the people. I may have lost votes in not succumbing to their material request but I have gained self satisfaction more than votes because I have been true to my commitments.

It will be recalled that Apostol was also a student leader during his college days and was arrested by the military during Martial Law for his conviction against corruption.