Celso cites need for one voice, united stand on many issues PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 16 April 2013 10:43

Mayor Celso Lobregat, who is seeking the District 1 congressional seat under the Team PNoy party, has underscored the need of electing officials who speak with one voice and have united stand on many issues that affect and concern the city of Zamboanga.

Lobregat said this stressing that all candidates running under the Team PNoy coalition started from mayoralty aspirant Beng Climaco, re-electionist vice mayor Cesar Iturralde, District 1 congressional bet Celso Lobregat, District II congressional candidate Jomar Lobregat and all the 16 council aspirants for Districts I and II have signed a social contract where they vowed to pursue individually and collectively a program of government for unity and continuity and ultimately for the betterment of Zamboanga.

Lobregat said it is very vital that the next mayor-Beng Cllimaco-Salazar will have a very supportive and cooperative vice mayor in the person of Cesar Iturralde and councilors as well as two congressional representatives—Celso and Jomar who have the same vision and mission and who will complement the efforts of the elected mayor.

Responding to negative claims by political opponents, the mayor said “It doesn’t mean to say that because we have a social contract, we are somebody else’s rubber stamp. It is expected that all of us in the party—individually and collectively pursue that social contract, what we have committed to the people”.

Lobregat affirmed that mayoralty aspirant Climaco-Salazar is her own person, has a good and remarkable track record during her stints as councilor, as vice mayor and later as two-term congress person representing the 1st district and need not rely on other people to make decisions.

“All of us in the party have signed the social contract. This is a program of government that all candidates—from the mayor, vice mayor, congress representatives and down to the councilors of both districts, have signed and all of us are expected to follow and deliver that program of government,” Lobregat declared.

On the other hand, the mayor said Jomar Lobregat has all the advantages over his rivals as District II congressional representative, as Jomar is Climaco-Salazar’s choice for the position, Jomar belongs to the only local party that has a complete slate, Jomar will speak with one voice with him in the House of Congress on many issues and positions specifically the Bangsamoro Basic law that is expected to be tackled in the next congress and that Jomar is bringing with him the family legacy of integrity and commitment in public service. —Rey Carbonel