Mercy offers prayer to Lady of the Pillar PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 18 April 2013 10:27

United Nationalist Alliance (UNA)  vice mayoralty candidate Mercy Arquiza lighted candles and prayed at Fort Pilar Shrine with supporters yesterday as the 45-day local campaign period is coming to short for the May 13 election.

The lady top contender for the vice mayoralty race shook hands with candle vendors and made a plea to them to support her.

She vowed to restore the sanctity of the Fort Pilar Shrine by encouraging the archdiocese to introduce more religious activities and services in the Shrine of the La Virgen del Pilar.

Arquiza told the people outside the shrine that one of Nonong Jalosjos’ 25-point agenda is to implement religious activities and services in the Shrine more often.

“Fort Pilar has to be preserved as a religious center of Zamboanga City. Hence, it will help even in the promotion of tourism of the city,” she said.

“Fort Pilar as a local tourist spot should have more religious activities to keep people from going to the area for worshipping and not only during Fiesta Pilar season.”

Meanwhile, Mercy said her frequent visits to and prayer at the Shrine have enriched her in terms of health and security.

She said her frequent visits to the Shrine is a perfect way to review where she has been and plan where she headed next.

“I spent several minutes at the shrine to ask Our La Virgen del Pilar to protect me from harm to keep my good health,” Mercy said. “I pause regularly to pray, think and reassess at the Shrine.” — HG