Celso, tried and tested, can be trusted — village folks PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 18 April 2013 10:28

District 1 and 2 constituents who are witnesses to the tremendous and countless projects and programs undertaken by the City Government under the administration of Mayor Celso Lobregat mince no words in saying that Lobregat is the ideal choice to be the City’s 1st District Representative in the House of Congress.

Quality, qualifications and the commitment to serve the people are values that Lobregat possesses and are missing in other candidates vying for the position in the May 13, 2013 elections, random interviews with constituents reveal.

Mylene Libao, 34 years old and mother of 1, said Lobregat’s track record in public service starting as congressman representing the lone district of Zamboanga from 1998 to 2004 and as 3-term mayor from 2004 to present, reflects the kind of stuff he is made of.

Libao said on so many issues, Lobregat has never wavered in a bid to protect the interest of the city of Zamboanga. “A case in point is when he stood before the Supreme Court to argue in defense of the city’s stand against inclusion of Zamboanga in the Bangsamoro Juridical Entity in 2008”.

Mayor Lobregat is truly tried and tested and can be trusted, she emphasized. “We need a representative in Congress who will stand for us through thick and thin, somebody who does not run away from his duties and responsibilities, somebody whose performance as a public servant is proven and tested”.

The interviews also reveal that people are discouraged by the way Lobregat’s rivals carry their campaign, which interviewees said mirrors the kind of personality the other candidates possess.

“Tiene un candidado, estaba man era padre pero si tan campania ta mal abla y ta hace malo con el persona di Lobregat. Ele ta acusa con Lobregat cay ta hace black propaganda pero ele mismo el ta hace cosa-cosa istoria que hinde deberasan para hace sale cay ele bien bueno y si Lobregat malo”, a disgusted former barangay official said.

Anatacio Limen said candidates—professionals they are—should not talk ill of others but instead present their platforms of government and why they should be chosen to fill the post.

Limen said Lobregat has done his best in serving the people of Zamboanga not only when he was the city’s congressman for 6 years but more so now are mayor the past 9 years, as evidenced by the programs and projects implemented in the barangays. “Ese maga proyecto talli na maga barangay, klaro kita ta puede mira y ta beneficia el maga gente.”

A government employee, confirmed Lobregat’s dedication and commitment to service citing the long hours that the mayor spend in office and the mayor’s readiness to respond to calls especially during emergencies regardless of the time of day.

“Ta sacrificia le su personal necesidad por amor del servicio na Ciudad de Zamboanga”, the employee added.

Aware of the smear attacks launched against him by his political rivals, Lobregat the other day urged constituents to be wary of individuals “who are but a pack of hungry wolves dressed in lamb’s clothing”.

“These individuals are prone to putting on innocent facades all while hiding their hideous heart, skillfully weaving lies into truths, always ready to jump at any and every opportunity to sling mud while painting themselves virtuous”, the mayor said. — Rey Carbonel